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Sanindo Budokan is headed by Mr. Lynn Reafsnyder with more than 48 years of training in Japanese Martial arts including Aikijutsu, Aikido and Kenjutsu.

Presently Mr. Reafsnyder teaches on an individual basis.

The most important class these days is a personal safety class teaching students situational awareness, how to avoid dangerous situations and how to get free from the usual forms of attack. It is particularly useful for women and children. The eight hour course is not intended as a course in fighting which takes years of training to become truly effective. As such the personal safety course is designed to get a person free and away from danger without engaging in dangerous combat.

It is important to understand that real fighting arts, not sports arts, require not only proper training but a mental attitude and commitment that only a small number of individuals really are prepared for.

This site is intended to eventually have some articles and other information of interest.

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